Peaks and Valleys: The Rollercoaster Saga of the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card

Enter the wild world of the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card – a rollercoaster ride more thrilling than a Last Dance binge! Picture this: in the dark days of lockdowns, this card hit eBay gold at $45,100, fueled by a Last Dance frenzy. Heritage then unleashed a sale storm at $96,000, turning the Jordan rookie into the “postercard” of the sports card boom.

Michael Jordan PSA 10 Rookie

Hold on tight, because this card rocketed through six figures, danced past $700,000, and spiked with an $840,000 peak in July 2021. At this point and time it gave the Jordan Rookie a market cap of $260,400,000. But alas, the card’s journey took an unexpected turn. By March 2023, it hit a valley at $144,000, the lowest since 2020. Blame it on supply overload – seems like everyone and their grandma had a PSA 10 Jordan rookie to sell.

Yet, don’t let the numbers fool you. Only a select few cert numbers engaged in resale transactions, with 15 sales showcasing an average loss of $37k. The majority, however, clung to their prized possession as values skyrocketed. Around 67-70% of owners resisted the urge to cash in, witnessing their $40,000 investment evolve into an impressive $840,000 jackpot.

In the pre-2020 era, this card strutted at a 23% annual appreciation rate. But in this brave new Hobby world, with a larger audience and wider awareness, can it keep up the pace? The Jordan rookie card is a time traveler, ahead of schedule, but the real question – will it continue to break records or ride off into the sunset of nostalgia? Buckle up, because the saga of the Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card is a story with more twists than a Game 6 buzzer-beater!