Welcome to the Topps Hobby Rip Night: Where Cards and Cheers Collide!

Greetings, fellow card aficionados, collectors, and those just dipping their toes into the trading card scene!
Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Card-Opening Extravaganza.

Date: February 24, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Lab 20 Sports Cards: 16611 Russell St | St. Paul, Virginia

2024 Topps Hobby Rip Night February 24.

Get ready to ignite your excitement like a firecracker!
The Topps Hobby Rip Night promises more excitement than a surprise birthday party. Whether you’re a seasoned collector with binders full of memories or a newbie just learning that foil isn’t just for leftovers, this event is your one-way ticket to card heaven.

Reasons You Can’t Miss It:

  1. Deep Discounts on Boxes: Yes, you heard that correctly! Only for one night, you’ll receive deep discount on select on Topps/Bowman boxes to rip.
  2. Raffles, Giveaways, and High-Fives: We’ve got more raffles than a county fair and more giveaways than a game show finale. Plus, our high-fives are so epic, they’ve been mistaken for Olympic celebrations.
  3. Live Breaks: Picture yourself surrounded by fellow collectors, eagerly tearing into packs like kids on Christmas morning. The suspense, the anticipation, it’s like opening presents, but with more cardboard and fewer socks.
  4. Camaraderie and Curiosity: Swap stories, share stats, and debate whether that ’90s holographic Ken Griffey Jr. card is cooler than an ice cream cone on a hot day.

What to Expect:

  • Cardboard Confetti: When you crack open a pack, it’s not confetti that rains down—it’s tiny baseball cards. And trust us, it’s way cooler than confetti.
  • Personal Trading Triumphs: Ever made a trade you’ll never forget? Well, get ready to share your favorite swap stories with fellow collectors. Who knows? Your tale might just be the talk of the night.

Hashtag Alert!
Don’t forget to snap photos, flaunt your finds, and tag it all with #toppsripnight. Let’s flood the internet with cardboard goodness!

So mark your calendars, grab your lucky charm, and practice your card-opening shimmy. The Topps Hobby Rip Night is where dreams are traded, deals are made, and friendships are forged—one pack at a time.
See you there, fellow card enthusiasts!