How It Works

Lab 20 Sports Cards is a company that simplifies the card grading process for collectors. We help you submit your cards to the best grading companies, ensuring you get the highest grade possible. With years of experience in this industry, we have an impeccable track record of integrity and transparency throughout the community.

Our review service is an opinion of a card’s overall condition, perceived value, scarcity and/or the player/character. We provide a final grade and explanation for each card.


  • We wipe any surface issues (fingerprints/scuffs) with a microfiber cloth prior to sending.
  • We exchange top-loader cards for card savers at no charge.
  • We provide a money-saving service by weeding out cards that are not worth the time and money to grade, and kick them for only $2 each.
  • When a card is rejected, we include a detailed explanation with reasons on where and why the card was rejected.

We have helped collectors with their grading submissions and have an impeccable track record of integrity and transparency throughout the hobby.

Fill out this form.

Ship your cards to us or drop off in person at the shop.

We process your cards according to your service level, submit them to PSA, keep you informed, and notify you when payment is due.

PSA Terms & Conditions
Thank you for choosing our services. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting your cards to us.
1. Turnaround Times:
Turnaround times are estimates in Business Days and are subject to change. It does not include shipping time to and from PSA. The clock starts once your submission has entered Research and ID.
2. Submission Requirements:
An itemized list must accompany each submission level of your cards and should be in the same order as your cards in the box/boxes.
Include any special details related to the card such as short print variations and parallels.
Use a SEPARATE FORM for each different level submission. Bulk needs to be separated by their specific years designated by PSA. Minimums apply to each service level.
3. Card Packaging:
PSA only accepts cards in Semi Rigid Card Holders. No one-touch magnets or screw downs. You will be charged $1 for each card sent that is not in a Semi Rigid.
Do not seal your cards with tape or a sticker. Please remove it before submitting.
Securely pack your cards to avoid damage during transit to us. We will ensure that your cards are properly prepared and packed for shipment to PSA.
4. Condition and Evaluation:
We do not clean cards.
As part of our processing service we will check for grade worthiness.
We do not accept trimmed or modified cards for submission. We reserve the right to cancel your entire order and you will be responsible for return shipping if we suspect or detect any card alteration, such as trimming, coloring, false stamping, altered autographs, etc.
5. Additional Charges:
All cards will have a $2 processing fee.
Your Cards may be subject to an additional “upcharge” fee from PSA depending on how much the card is worth after grading. You are responsible for paying that charge. Cards will not be returned to the owner until that fee is paid. Please make sure you are using the correct service level.
6. Payment:
Invoices for PSA card grading submissions shall be paid within 14 days. In the event of nonpayment, the PSA graded cards will be auctioned to cover the cost of said invoice. Sales above the cost of the invoice will not be returned to the customer. Sales below the cost of the invoice will result in legal action to recover full payment of the invoice.
Submissions must be paid for before your graded cards are released to you. WE DO NOT RELEASE GRADES UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.
By submitting your cards to us, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update or modify these terms at any time without prior notice.