Cardbored #1: My Favorite Card

Hi everyone, I’m Jacob! I’ve been working with my Dad at Lab 20 Sports Cards since 2018, and in that time I’ve seen this hobby grow astronomically. In this time, we’ve relocated our shop, expanded our online presence, and traveled to dozens of shows. I’m incredibly grateful for this gold rush in cards, but I have had to put a pin in my work at the shop to go to college (Go Hokies!). And while VT is amazing, I’m not able to currently meet fellow collectors and interact with the hobby. So, I figured a blog would suffice my seemingly intense FOMO and give me a fun side project. I’m calling it Cardbored, for I hope it cures a little Monday boredom for the both of us. Enjoy!

In this first landmark post, I intend to discuss a card that, in my extremely biased view, is the greatest piece of cardboard ever crafted. I am of course referring to the 1998-99 E-X Century Dunk’N Go-Nuts Michael Jordan. This set altogether could be thoroughly discussed, but for all intents and purposes, I am sticking to the GOAT.

My only problem with this card is that I cannot clearly distinguish what I love so much about it. Is it the acetate finish with the crisp purple and orange lettering? Or perhaps the pop culture reference? Maybe the sneakerhead in me is just obsessed with those Chicago 13s that His Airness is rocking. However, if I had to make an educated guess, I’d say I am just in love with the wackiness of this card. If you put this insert in a time capsule and let someone open it 100 years from now, their reaction would be a combination of puzzlement and awe. It is so uniquely ingrained with the era that this card is from, and it makes me feel like I am a vicarious 90s kid. It is also a constant reminder that I haven’t had enough coffee.

I’ve made several attempts to purchase this card, whether it be in an intense bidding war on eBay or an interaction with a dealer. Yet, I always seem to look in my bank account and not find enough zeroes to pull the trigger. I cannot help but be inclined to check listings or auctions every once in a while and see how the Jordan is faring. In fact, Goldin Auctions has a PSA 10 copy (POP: 56) of this beauty up for grabs currently. And, at the time of this blog, it is at $7,000 with over 12 days of bidding to go. Who knows? I may succumb to fiscal recklessness and buy it, but I’d say that day will have to come a little later.

Are there more rare Jordans? Most definitely. More valuable Jordans? Also yes. But there will never be another card that I hold in the esteem like this one. And that game of playing favorites is what makes our hobby so unique and so special.

Shoot us a message on Instagram about your favorite card: I would love to chat with you all and hear any feedback on the blog! More posts coming soon- some shorter and some long.  Can’t wait to catch up next week!

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